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Product-protection gloves
Un’accurata scelta di materiali per evitare il danneggiamento del prodotto finito, dovuto alla manipolazione, e garantire elevata destrezza agli operatori.

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In the last few years the quality standards for industrial products has risen considerably, and with the advent of models such as Total Quality Management, leading manufacturers have started pursuing “zero defect” objectives. Through studying workstations in a wide range of industries, we have worked alongside our customers in their mission to reduce the level of defects by introducing gloves and product protection equipment.

This type of glove allows operators to have a high level of dexterity when handling parts or pieces, preventing damage to the product and any subsequent reworking.

When developing gloves for protecting the product, the most appropriate material must be chosen for the application in question. Microfibre or gauzed synthetic fabric, for example, are excellent for preventing fingerprints or leaving accidental lines on the chrome or lighting parts of vehicles. A material with low residue release (low-linting) should be used during the painting stage in order to prevent dirt or lint residues from being deposited on the product.