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Mechanical protection


Heat and/or fire protection



Declarations of conformity

Reg. 2016/425

Product Sheet


Seamless knitted cut-resistant glove with split leather reinforcement and integrated cut-resistant sleeve


  • Exceptional grip of the split leather palm in the presence of oil residues
  • Engineered yarn to minimize after-washing shrinkage
  • Inner 100% cotton plating for maximum comfort
  • Para-aramid stitching for extended durability
  • Fourchettes between fingers for improved comfort and flexibility
  • Contact heat resistance 1 (100°C for at least 15 seconds)
  • Integrated protective sleeve for complete protetion of the forearm


  • Automotive and mechanical industry for handling oily metal pieces with rough edges
  • Medium duty handling of very sharp and abrasive pieces, also in presence of light contact heat risk
Environment Dry or moderately wet/oily
Construction Seamless knitted
Shell material High tenacity technical HPPE/polyamide yarn reinforced with mineral fiber. 100% cotton plating
Gauge 10
Reinforcement Cow split leather
Reinforcement area Palm and thumb crotch
Cuff Elasticized knitted wrist with incorporated sleeve
Length (mm) 630-660
Size 7, 8, 9, 10 (size 11 not available)
Packing Bag: 10 pairs / Carton: 30 pairs
Ambidextrous No

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