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Intelligent automated cabinet

Ideal for delivery and return of smart PPE, cluttered materials and power tools.
Compartments with doors with a large transparent display case, adjustable in height.
Power socket option inside the single compartment for material recharging.


Validation of the picked products
Compliance for the employer
Optimization of supplies and stocks
24/7 availability of materials
Reduction of waste

Storage capacity

Standard version with 19 compartments in a footprint of 0.58 m3.


Standard version with 19 compartments in 0.58 m2 of footprint.
Option compartment height 360 mm and 540 mm to accommodate larger objects.


Online and offline withdrawal through identification and authorization H24 7/7 for the withdrawal of the products assigned for users belonging to the withdrawal profiles in compliance with the maximum limits set, even in offline situations and data recording.
Authorizations in the event of exceeding or the need for an unassigned product, the user is guided to obtain authorization by reading the badge of his manager (super user).

Withdrawal validation

After the withdrawal, the validation of the product withdrawn is requested by moving it to the ARGOinsideTM reader on the front of the dispenser, to memorize the combination of Badge <-> Single product and to prevent loading errors.
Possible management of products based on a date linked to the single product (expiry, maintenance, calibration, etc.)

Double / triple height compartment option for bulky items

Internal grip option to reload the material

Single reader for company badge recognition and product validation

7” touch-screen screen for user interface and pickup / return instructions

User interface

7” touch-screen screen for user interface and for detailed instructions for picking up, returning and / or booking products do not present in the vending machine.
Possible management of multiple identical products within the same compartment.
Manually operated compartment doors with pre-opening, large transparent window, acoustic and optical signaling in case of open door.
Recognition and authorization for withdrawal through the company badge identification reader (magnetic, contactless, etc.).
Product identification through customized graphic representation on each compartment.

Company interface

Connection via connection to the LAN Ethernet / Wi-Fi / GSM network.
Reports of product under-stock with sending of alarm emails to the staff in charge of recharging and of users who have withdrawn quantities of products below the minimum withdrawal threshold by sending e-mails to managers.
Emergency opening in case of need it is always possible to access the compartments with the safety key (NOT DUPLICABLE) supplied.
The ARGO PRO Software can be interfaced with company ERPs (EHS, HR, purchases, logistics, etc.).
Automatisms provided for enabling workers based on selectable parameters (department, qualification, cost center, job, etc.) and automatic self-diagnosis.
Self-diagnosis at programmable intervals with automatic reporting of any malfunctions and sending of emails to managers.

Energy Saving

Energy Saving function that can be timed in standby situation during periods of inactivity in compliance with the principles of eco-sustainability.

Optional features

Energy Saving function that can be timed in standby situation during periods of inactivity in compliance with the principles of eco-sustainability.

Technical sheet

Power Supply
220VAc – 50 Hz – 150 W
Locker dimensions
H= 2000 mm
L= 1000 mm
P= 610 mm
Slot dimensions
H= 180 mm
L= 400 mm
P= 580 mm
ca 170 kg