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Gloves thermical protection

Our technology lab is equipped with a calorimeter to measure resistance to contact heat, which allows for better simulation of the glove’s real usage conditions, measuring exposure to a specific temperature or for a set length of time.

Our heat-resistant gloves, also known as thermal gloves, protect hands from thermal risks caused by heat. They are suitable for all persons working in very hot environments such as in the glass, iron and steel industry where a high level of protection is required. They protect against serious burns – one of the greatest dangers for persons working on tasks in close contact with heat sources, such as welding operations or when handling very hot elements.

All the gloves in our thermal line also have high mechanical resistance, can be coated or uncoated, made of fireproof materials and available in different materials and specifications to meet the requirements of different usage applications. We pay particular attention to the ergonomics of our thermal gloves in order to improve their flexibility, dexterity and user comfort, without ever compromising on protection.

Our protective gloves for welding are designed to provide protection to the hand and forearm while welding, protecting the operator from small drops or large amounts of molten metal, from short, limited exposure to flame, convective heat and contact heat. The welding gloves also provide protection against mechanical hazards.

Our gloves for the glass industry are particularly effective at protecting against contact heat (up to 500°C), convective heat (high temperature air that can cause surface burns) and radiant heat (infra-red rays emitted by hot objects which penetrate the skin and create internal burns).


Our thermal gloves and accessories for welders

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