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Design and Quality Control of PPE and garments represent the added value of our company, always committed to continuous improvement of our product range.

Realizzazione abbigliamento da lavoro personalizzato (Corporate)

Our technical department comprises a Test Lab equipped with cutting-edge technologies for mechanical, chemical tests and simulation of in-field use of gloves and garments.
We are able to determine the performance of materials, check their suitability for use and certify their conformity and continuity of production.
The equipment and procedures adopted by our Laboratory are approved by the French Notified Body CTC – Lyon (No. 0075) which certifies the suitability of the laboratory to issue tests reports (EN388:2003; EN420:2010), formally validated by the Notified Body.

Our Laboratory is able to verify compliance with the following standards:

EN 420:2010 general requirements for protective gloves
EN 388:2016 protective gloves against mechanical risks

Realizzazione abbigliamento da lavoro personalizzato (Corporate)
Realizzazione abbigliamento da lavoro personalizzato (Corporate)

Quality control in partnership with CTC in Lyon

The CTC (Centre Technique Cuir) in Lyon is one of the leading notified bodies on textile products in the fashion, sports and Personal Protective Equipment sector.

In partnership with the international subsidiaries of CTC, we conduct quality checks after each production batch directly at the production site to ensure compliance with our technical specifications. Such inspections, together with the laboratory checks carried out on the fabrics prior to making the garment, allow us to check the quality throughout the entire production chain.