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Gloves for special purposes

We have developed our range of special purpose gloves in tight collaboration with end users to support and protect the workers in these heavy-duty activities with the target of increasing the level of comfort and wellness compared to the usage of generic gloves.

Even in the modern context of strong automation in the manufacturing process, the human sensitivity and perception cannot be substituted by a robot line in some specific tasks.
For these operations, the manual intervention of the worker is also compulsory to avoid damages from mechanical parts or tools.

Gloves for special use: the study

These gloves protect from risks (such as the onset of work-related diseases) which are not foreseen by the current standards.

For this reason, in order to test the performance of these gloves, we have collaborated with CTC Lyon: our historical partner for our in-house laboratory and the Certifications for our protective gloves.

We have developed with the CTC bio-mechanics laboratory 3 testing protocols exclusive to Safety Systems HP based on sensors measuring the dampening of energy transferred to the hand. The test were realized firstly at bare-hand (zero dampening) and secondly wearing the gloves to evaluate the dampening: the lesser the energy transferred to the hand (higher dampening), the higher the glove performance.

3 different studies have been carried out:

Special use gloves: impact analysis

INTENTIONAL IMPACT (metacarpal area, item GPRG72) the test was carried out by an operator by hitting repeatedly a platform with the metacarpus. This platform is equipped with a force detector in order to help the operator in making the test as homogenous as possible, by avoiding variable impacts.

Special use gloves: applied pressure analysis

APPLIED PRESSURE (palm area, items GPRG74, GDY437V, GDY438VI) The test was carried out throughout a 6-axe robot and 3D printed hand to simulate the human hand. In this case, the robot repeatedly applied pressure on the platform at a constant force.

APPLIED PRESSURE (fingertips area, items GPRG73, GPRG74) the test was carried out by an operator by repeatedly applying pressure on the platform with the fingertips.


Our special purpose gloves

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