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Respirators – Fit test FIT TEST kit

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Respirators – Fit test

The FIT TEST kit is used to verify whether the airway protection device is working properly. Poor adherence to the user face, or improperly worn devices usually lead to a decrease in protection.

In order to guarantee the required protection level, the user is recommended to perform a fit test during the training session and the presentation of the new protective device.

This test does not normally need to be repeated provided that no significant variation of the body weight has occurred causing a variation in the facial characteristics leading to a risk for the device efficacy.

The Kit includes:

  • “fit test” guidelines;
  • test hood;
  • sensitivity detection solution;
  • “fit test” solution;
  • Two sets of replacement nebulizers inserts.
Respirators – Fit test FIT TEST kit
Respirators – Fit test FIT TEST kit