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Gloves mechanical protection

Cut resistant protection

The Safety Systems range is designed to protect workers’ upper limbs, with maximum comfort. Materials and production techniques have been selected in order to offer effective protective solutions, not restricted merely to passing a “cutting test”.

Injuries to the fingers and hands are among the most frequent and also the most avoidable accidents at the workplace. Statistics show that the majority of workers involved in this type of accident were not wearing protective gloves or were wearing the wrong gloves for their job. These accidents have a very strong impact on companies both in terms of responsibility and working days lost: safety is a

primary factor in reducing costs. When choosing cut-resistant gloves, the performance level defined by the European EN388 standard.

We have been designing and producing cut-resistant gloves since 1978, taking into account not only European legislation but also “in-field” applications, i.e. 

Analysing all the risk factors of the manufacturing processes.

In the context of cutting risk (metal sheets, blades or sharp objects and sheets of glass), the main factors of analysis are:

  • Weight of sharp objects: weight increases cutting force.
  • Surface texture: oily or wet surfaces require high grip gloves.
  • Finishing of the edges of sharp objects (sharp or jagged): longer edges require gloves with greater resistance to tearing and sleeves to protect the forearm.
  • Puncture risk: the risk of puncture is decisive in evaluating the risk of cutting as it may lacerate the glove.

Our cut-resistant protective gloves

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