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Gloves Reconditioning

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Gloves Reconditioning

Lanzi Safety Service provides a complete glove reconditioning service, which includes industrial laundry service, selection, control and compliance certifi cation of the reconditioned gloves.

Cleaning and washing are performed through physical/chemical treatments in compliance with the producer guidelines, each type of gloves has a dedicated Technical Data Sheet showing the complete process: Washing, Selection and Control.

Safety Data Sheets are examined in order to identify the manufacturing materials and the type of dirt. In order to guarantee the washed gloves hygiene, they are subject to hygienic treatments for the elimination of the bacterial and microbial load.

All reconditioned gloves are delivered clean and devoid of unpleasant odors.

The service includes:

  • Scheduled collection and delivery;
  • Bins for used gloves in the manufacturing plants equipped with vending machines Argo DA PRO. The automated collection unit Argo GR PRO allows to control the collection of used gloves through a realtime online monitoring system;
  • Delivery of the reconditioned gloves along with the Compliance Certificate issued by the Lanzi Safety Service CTC Approved Lab;
  • Non-compliant items return for disposal.

sample examination /laboratory test – CTC approved

The gloves collected in compliance with the sampling plan are examined by the Lanzi Safety Service Lab that performs the tests described in the Technical Data Sheet.

The regenerated gloves are delivered along with a Certificate of Compliance issued by the Lanzi Safety Service attesting the compliance on the basis of the performed tests.

The regenerated and approved gloves meet the requirements of the following Standards:

  • UNI EN 420 relating to pH limits;
  • UNI EN 388 relating to the declared performance levels that need to be equal to those declared in the Technical Data Sheet provided by the producer.

The amount of performed regeneration processes is marked on each glove.

Safety Service shall inform the client about the regeneration limits for each specific type of glove, according to the statistical results obtained onsite / in the productive unit, for the technological field of application.