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Custom Earplugs

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Custom Earplugs

Their effectiveness is directly proportional to their actual use. This is the reason why custom-made ear plugs, accurately shaped on the auricle anatomy, guarantee proper protection and maximum comfort to the user.

We realize and produce the two following types of ear plugs:

  • RIGID VERSION: made of a special material, heat and pressure are used during polymerization of the acrylic resin; they are break proof, washable, hypoallergenic and nontoxic.
  • SEMI-RIGID: softer and more endurable, it slightly expands with body temperature.

Attenuation level: SNR = 17 db (A) Certification: EN 352-2 1993.

The auricle print collection for the ear plugs can be directly made by the person in charge at your facility. They are molded in our laboratory and delivered within 4 weeks.


Revolutionary hearing protection systems

Lanzi Srl, in cooperation with SonoLab, is proud to introduce SONOMAX, the new instant hearing protection system which is tailor-made and that can be realized by end-users.

Since our auricles are unique, the full protection and required attenuation can be achieved with the correct shape of the auricle only, also assuring comfort, efficacy and ease of use.

The patented kit consists of a medical silicone disposal arch and two ear-protectors for filling. Thanks to this system everyone can have custom-fitted hearing protections in 5 minutes.

Custom Earplugs

EN 352-2 Certificate

Sonomax is available in three levels of attenuation in order to meet the different needs of individual workers. The right filter should be selected on the basis of the worker exposure. Attenuating filters consist of a very thin fabric net inserted in a tube of stainless steel. There are three levels of attenuation:

  • black SNR 27
  • yellow SNR 24
  • red SNR 21

The blu detectable version is also available for the companies operating in the food industry.