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Smart Earplug Dispenser

Automated Earplug Dispenser


It can hold approximately 400 pairs of earplugs.

Product Management

Unique and innovative system specifically conceived for the distribution of earplugs. It guarantees traceability and it can monitor the worker usage.
Possibility to manage distribution based on authorizations (withdrawal profiles).


Return withdrawalOn-line withdrawal
24/7 identification and authorization to withdraw the assigned earplugs.
Off-line withdrawal
24/7 identification and authorization to withdraw the assigned earplugs also when the dispenser is off-line. Data registration is available.
Exceeding of withdrawal limit
If the withdrawal limit is exceeded, the user is guided to obtain authorization through reading of his supervisor’s badge (super user).

It can hold approximately 400
pairs of earplugs.

User interface

Badge reader
Identification and withdrawal authorization using company employee ID badge (magnetic, contactless…).
Automated dispensing
Automatic delivery of the earplugs after insertion of the user’s hand in the dedicated opening.
Alphanumeric display
4-line backlit alphanumeric display for user interface

Company interface

Connection to LAN Ethernet / Wi-Fi / GSM.
Low inventory alerts and e-mail alerts to replenishment personnel.
E-mail alerts to supervisors to track users who have withdrawn a quantity of
products below the predefined minimum withdraw limit.
Software interface
ARGO PRO software can be interfaced with company ERP (EHS, HR, procurement, logistic,…).
Automatic procedures
Automatic job profile assignment according to customizable parameters
(department, job requirements, cost center, etc.).
Self-diagnosis at predefined time frame with automatic alerts in case of malfunctions by email to the maintenance department.
Plug&Play Option
ARGO EC PRO can be installed and managed autonomously using the internal software. In this mode, Argo EC PRO doesn’t require any network connextion and keeps in memory the list of withdrawals.

Optional features

Sanitizing gel dispenser
Argo EC PRO can be combined with an automatic sanitizing gel dispenser with integrated dosing system to satinize the users’s hands before dispensing the earplugs.

Technical Features

Power supply
220 VAc – 50 Hz – 10 W
H= 510 mm
L= 500 mm
P= 170 mm
abt 20 kg