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Michelin chooses Safety Systems Industrial Vending

People’s health and safety should be the priority for any responsible and sustainable business. Michelin Italiana has chosen the Safety Systems Industrial Vending distributors to ensure occupational safety and to raise awareness about PPE consumption.

From a firm conviction comes collaboration

“We believe that mobility is essential for human development, hence we innovate with passion, improving efficiency, sustainability and safety. Making headway is important, not only on the road with our tyres but also in the field of safety. Worker health, safety and, consequently, protection are all key priorities for any responsible and sustainable company.”

From this strong belief comes the collaboration with Michelin, starting with the Cuneo plant, a site built in successive stages as of 1961 and which today employs 2,100 people and produces 13 million tyres for automobiles and light transport each year.

The Argo PRO System

The Argo PRO System – already in operation at the Cuneo site and other Michelin Group locations – has rendered the issuance of PPE safer and more certain, resulting in a clear reduction of waste whilst optimising the handling of protective gear. A real change in perspective has taken place – every worker has become a key player and protagonist in their own health and safety.