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Automated warehouse

Automated warehouse of spare parts with rotating plates

Storage capacity

Up to 1008 different products in a foot print of 0.75 m3 for each ARGO TS PRO.
14 rotating trays divided in 100-mm high adjustable-width slots
(6-12-18-24-36-72 slots/tray per turning carousel).

Products management

Easy on-site reconfiguration
Simple reconfiguration of the number of slots per tray and opening of the sliding doors.
Multi-product trays
Management of different products on the same tray (up to 6 different products for each tray).

Touch-screen display

15” monitor for guided product selection.

Touch-screen monitor for guided product selection

Indicator led of the sliding door to be opened for product

100-mm high adjustable-width slots

Optional 200-mm high adjustable-width slots


On-line withdrawal
Spare part stocking and withdrawal by personnel identified and authorized by company employee ID badge and real-time tracking of all operations.
Guided withdrawal by Production Unit/Production line/Machine.
The authorized user specifies the type of operation to be carried out (ordinary/extraordinary maintenance, fault etc.), any order number and the specific dispenser on the touch-screen display. The Argo TS PRO shows available spare parts (image, commercial code, description, management code) by category with the possibility of direct entry of the management code. The user indicates the number of parts to be withdrawn (according to predefined withdrawal limits) and the Argo TS PRO activates an indicator led at the position of the sliding door to be opened to withdraw the first part (and subsequent parts in sequence). If a spare part is not available inside the Argo TS PRO concerned, another Argo TS PRO containing the spare part required is shown on the touch-screen display.
Off-line withdrawal
In the case of network off-line, each Argo TS PRO contains a PC with a replica of the server’s database. Therefore, Argo TS PRO continues to operate with all its capabilities and updates the server when the network signal is restored.

Sliding doors

Manually-activated, convex-profile sliding doors with visual and acoustic warning if door has been left open.
Badge reader
Identification via company employee ID badge reader (magnetic, contactless,…).
Product positioning
Automatic positioning of the product selected for withdrawal.
Indicator led of the sliding door from which to withdraw the product.
Touch-screen display
15” touch-screen display for user interface and for detailed instructions for product withdrawal and/or return.

Company interface

Connection to Ethernet LAN/Wi-Fi/GSM.
Inventory control
At predefined intervals, the Argo TS PRO sends an e-mail to the predefined recipients with a list of the material that has been withdrawn and which is to be replenished. A minimum level can be set for each product, below which the Argo TS PRO will immediately send e-mail alerts to replenishment personnel.
Software interface
Possibility of interfacing the most widely used management systems for automatic recording of materials used according to Cost Center/Department/Production unit/Production line/Machine, etc.
Automatic procedures
Automatic job profile assignment according to customizable parameters (department, job requirements, cost center, etc.).
Self-diagnosis at predefined intervals with automatic alerts in the case of malfunctions.
Disabling of products
Possibility of complete or partial product disable by replenishment personnel in the case of shortage of products for replenishment. To overcome this situation, a stock of materials can be set up in the space provided inside the dispenser (capacity of 180 liters).

Energy saving

Energy-saving function for activation of stand-by mode during periods of inactivity.

Multifunctional features

Return procedure
A user who has not utilized all the products withdrawn can return those not used, indicating this on the touch-screen display. The Argo TS PRO shows a list of the last spare parts withdrawn and activates a lighted push-button on the sliding door to be opened for return.
Replenishment procedure
The user authorized to replenish the dispenser indicates the code of the product to be replaced on the touch-screen display. The Argo TS PRO activates a lighted push-button at the position of the slot to be opened to complete replenishment.
Programming procedure
The authorized user can schedule the maintenance operations to carried out, specifying a list of spare parts to be used. Following identification of the maintenance technician via his company employee ID badge, the Argo TS PRO delivers in sequence all the components in the list which, in the meantime, have been reserved for this specific operation.
Setup procedure
To optimize subsequent withdrawal/replenishment times, the quantity of products to be stocked for each code can be programmed from a remote PC, positioning the products on adjacent or overlying slots. Otherwise, they can be inserted directly in the Argo TS PRO in random fashion. In any case, the withdrawal sequence of each product will comply with the FIFO principle.
Up to 64 “slave” devices can be combined with each Argo TS PRO. In this case, an indicator light will identify the unit containing the product requested.

Technical Features

Power supply
220VAc – 50 Hz – 150 W
H= 2000 mm
L= 1000 mm
P= 755 mm
abt 270 kg