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Research and development

Lean Management

In the area of auxiliary materials (PPE, MRO, tools, etc.), there is a growing demand for automated point-of-use distributors able to guarantee H24x365availability and traceability. Many existing solutions are derived from food/drink vending machines and are affected by conceptual shortcomings for industrial applications.

The market is ready for industry-specific solutions able to optimizewithdrawal times and logistics. The wide variety of materials to be managed requires flexible systems based on a common design concept and management software integrated with company supply chain processes. The main demands of a market of this type are ease of use and trouble-free maintenance for internationalization.

We set out in 2002

In 2002, we adapted a vending machine for distribution of PPE via company employee ID badge.

In 2014, we developed a new solution at our facility in order to cater to the growing demands of industry: user-friendly, higher capacity machines with minimum footprint that can be programmed to deliver pre-established quantities of materials assigned to each authorized user (badge), eliminating waste and improper use and improving management of security and traceability and with on-line reporting.

Broad Pitt

Within the framework of the “Broad Pitt 2” project launched by the “Unione Industriale” of Turin, Safety Systems laid the bases for the Smart Safety System, i.e. an integrated set of innovative technologies for automatic dispensing of PPE, spare parts and tools

With the Smart Safety System project, the company imagines and design the future of dispensers and of man-machine interfaces; a near future in which objects communicate with man and with machines, in which a continuous flow of data informs the user in real time of the correct use of PPE, with independent management of inventory, returns and orders, and controls and verifies correct disposal of the materials.

Microchips able to communicate at a distance, dispensers equipped with sensors and antennas, apps for smartphones and smartwatches work side by side to transform current automatic dispensing into a community of users aimed at optimizing distribution and collection, information exchange and complete integration in the emergent Industry 4.0.

Smart-Safety-Systems-today Smart-Safety-Systems-Tomorrow