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IoT Solutions World Congress Barcellona

The fifth edition of the IoT Solutions World Congress was held in Barcelona from 29th to 31st October. Our company, which has always been at the forefront of innovation, also took part as a member of MESAP, the innovation hub (Smart Products & Smart Manufacturing) in Piedmont.

Internet of Things and Blockchain

The Internet of Things (IoT) specifically refers to technology aimed at creating a network of devices that are coordinated and monitored through the Internet. 

Such technology makes it possible to connect electronics, software and sensors so as to have them work together. The fields of application for IoT are very broad – from medical devices to home automation, through to Smart City solutions. Blockchain is another technology that is growing exponentially, consisting in a shared and immutable data structure organised in ‘blocks’ linked together. 

Thanks to this technology based on the use of cryptography, it is possible to create a registry accessible from various sources and from different locations. 

Every time a piece of information (block) is added, each node updates a copy of the registry to prevent future manipulation of the registry. The combination of IoT and Blockchain offers the possibility to achieve excellent results in the future. Blockchain technology will connect billions of IoT devices, forging a network that is more resistant than traditional forms. IoT Solutions World Congress was also dedicated to new technologies applied to industry, with IoT and Blockchain being technologies that will result in the transformation of different industries in the future. 

Developers of software platforms, computer companies, hardware manufacturers, service and telecommunications operators along with players in the development of IoT and Blockchain alongside technology experts for the industry – all united in Barcelona to address these issues and try to determine future developments.

‏Matters discussed at the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona included: Cyber Secure Light & DIA

Amongst the many topics addressed during the Congress were issues related to IoT application, such as the experience of connected mobility, the modernisation of industrial systems through controls defined by software, IT security and value creation through innovation. 

Engineer Locati represented our company at “Digital industry: disruptive solutions to shape the future of SMEs”, an event focused on disruptive innovation that will greatly affect the future of Small to Medium Enterprises. In fact, in an increasingly-connected world, SMEs will have to face the challenges of implementing available technologies and IT security in order to remain competitive. 

The representatives of the digital and intelligent construction industry thus discussed the integration of IoT devices in production, focusing on IT security in intelligent lighting, in home automation and in building systems. The industrial clusters involved in the Cyber Secure Light project represent companies operating in the various segments of the intelligent construction sector such as digital lighting, sustainable construction, building automation and energy management, digital infrastructure, digital security, IoT, big data analysis, home automation, telecommunications and much more.

Indeed, Cyber Secure Light is a consortium of seven EU clusters representing companies operating in the intelligent construction sector. The aim is to involve the entire smart building chain, with particular attention to digital lighting, so as to increase cross-sectoral cooperation and to trigger the integration of IoT-enabled devices in lighting, home automation and building systems. Cyber security is becoming a major problem in digital lighting for smart construction and thus maximum cooperation is needed given that responsibility is shared amongst all IT systems involved. DIA (the European Digital Industry Alliance) represents a partnership of six EU clusters involved in the digital industry, aimed at promoting cross-sectoral and international cooperation between SMEs in order to foster innovation in digital technologies and smart manufacturing, taking full advantage of the opportunities offered by Industry 4.0.

‏Looking to the future: our company’s presentation at the Conference

Specialising in the production of occupational health and safety materials and equipment since 1978, Lanzi began operating in the field of automated PPE distribution in 2003. In 2015, it created a new production division to design and manufacture automated warehouses for the storage, distribution and return of PPE, spare parts, tools and equipment, to track use and consumption in real time. Our machines have been designed according to the criteria of Industry 4.0 for the Smart Industry of the Internet of Things, to meet the demand of Lean Thinking companies. 

This conference was an important opportunity to discuss the projects currently underway – projects that will allow us to meet the challenges of the future for our customers, aware of all that has been achieved so far and always with a view to innovation. Locati, as the Lanzi Group representative at the event, demonstrated the steps taken in this direction.

‏This international event was attended by 380 exhibitors and over 400 speakers, united by the goal to offer tools and knowledge for digital transformation.

‏The main themes of the event were the Internet of Things and Blockchain.