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The development of Lanzi in Poland

Since 1978, the Lanzi company has established itself as a manufacturer of personal protective equipment and industrial vending machines. Based in Turin, the company successfully supplies its products to industrial customers not only in Italy, but also throughout Europe. Over the past 45 years, Lanzi has developed from a family-run business to a thriving international company and, year after year, has been expanding its market share in Europe and worldwide.

Protective gloves

Protective gloves have been Lanzi’s signature product since its establishment. In the 1980s, especially in Turin, the automotive industry was flourishing, and the need to protect the hands of the operators working on the assembly lines, which were running at full capacity, became more and more important. During those years, the company developed numerous lines of protective gloves, overseeing every stage of production and achieving all the quality certifications in effect at the time.

Our hands are one of the most important tools we use each day, often without appreciating their key function. Wearing gloves should become a habit for us, to reduce the risk of injuries and protect this essential part of our body. This is why it is important to choose the right gloves for each type of work. Lanzi’s strength lies in its long-standing experience in working in collaboration with certified bodies and qualified production chains on the development of innovative, state-of-the-art protective devices.

At present, Lanzi offers a range of more than 100 different models of gloves to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Industrial vending machines

In 2003, the company decided to expand its range of products and services to include industrial vending machines, making use of the connectivity solutions employed in industrial automation alongside with material management applications. The company is no longer perceived as just a glove manufacturer: it has become a manufacturing partner in support of workplace safety. The machines are designed for dispensing personal protective equipment and other items, such as tools. Manufactured at Lanzi’s headquarters in Italy, they are installed at customer sites throughout Europe. This year Lanzi surpassed the number of 1,000 machines installed since the start of their production in Turin.

The main advantage of installing industrial vending machines in a production plant is savings in direct costs (all products placed in the machine) and indirect costs ( personnel time). After just a few weeks of operation, the machine installed in the plant makes it possible to save at least 20% in terms of products placed in the device. Moreover, the machines are available 24/7 and ensure complete control over the dispensing of products at the plant.

Lanzi Group Industrial Vending Machine production Division

Polish market

For over 15 years, Lanzi has also been present on the Polish market, where the development of the company, which supplies end customers with personal protective equipment (gloves and other products for worker protection) has seen a significant increase.

In Poland, besides the ongoing expansion of its customer base, the company has recently begun to establish structures with dedicated sales and service personnel. All this is done to improve the level of service for both existing and new customers. All the activities described above have led the Board of Directors to set up a branch office in Poland, as a natural outcome of company’s development in the Country.

As a result, as of mid-2023, Lanzi has had a branch office registered in Poland. At the same time, the Board of Directors also decided to establish a warehouse in Silesian Voivodeship, which will handle the delivery of products to Polish customers.

The afore-mentioned decisions will further promote business growth while at the same time improving service quality in terms of product deliveries. The Polish market is key to company activities, as confirmed by the actions undertaken so far.

Lanzi headquarters and production plant in Turin, Italy

The Polish branch of LANZI SRL invites all companies interested in collaborating with it to contact it. After opening a branch office and a warehouse in Poland, the company is now able to offer its customers complete solutions combining industrial vending machines with the supply of a full range of personal protective equipment (not just gloves).

High-quality personnel protection equipment, cost savings and comprehensive professional service go into our offer dedicated to our customers in Poland.

LANZI SRL Branch Office in Poland
ul. Złota 59
00-120 Warszawa

Maciej Janiszek
Country Manager – Poland
Tel: +48 690 104 290