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The future of industrial vending is with ARGO DA SMART-XL

Distributing PPE and high-rotation materials is now even faster and more connected, with the innovative ARGO DA SMART-XL.

Vending Machines are the ideal solution for companies that want to make their manufacturing processes ever more efficient and high-performing. The undisputed advantage of vending machines is that they allow operators and partners to access the equipment they need to do their work at any time, directly on the production line.

Argo SMART of Safety Systems Smart Tracking

The new range of innovative vending machines is designed and manufactured in Turin by Safety Systems Smart Tracking of Lanzi Group. The machines are built to Industry 4.0 criteria to support the digitalisation of Smart Factories and meet the growing needs of businesses, offering an integrated solution to verify and track dispensed products.

Verification is completed with a single action, without requiring extended time at the machine, allowing for increased compliance for employers and, most of all, preventing human error during machine loading. By doing this, specific PPE can be matched to individual workers, meaning it is possible to check whether that PPE is being used by the workers.

Discover Argo SMART

We will be attending the following trade fairs schedules for the second half of 2021:

At these events, we will officially present the ARGO DA SMART-XL model.

The machine’s special features include a 7-inch touchscreen panel to enable easier interaction with the machine, and an advanced system that allows far more data to be acquired regarding the presence and use of dispensed products, accessible using the native software. The machine’s simplified interface not only helps end users when dispensing products, but also operators when partially refilling the machine.

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