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Corporate Sustainability and Non-Financial Reporting (NFR)

In this period of strong economic, social, technical and technological changes, the Board of Directors of LANZI S.r.l. has decided to make public its corporate development roadmap towards Corporate Sustainability and to structure the preparation of the Non-Financial Reporting (NFR), also known as the Sustainability Report.

Corporate Sustainability

Corporate sustainability is understood as the set of company policies that make it possible to pursue a virtuous combination of the three (economic, social and environmental) dimensions of sustainable development.

Sustainability is an act of responsibility and commitment to ensure growing (economic, social and environmental) well-being with the prospect of leaving future generations with a quality of life no lower than the current one.

Thanks to sustainability, it becomes possible to integrate environmental and social considerations into LANZI’s strategy, processes and products with the goal of creating value for all stakeholders (shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers, financial institutions, local communities, etc.), whose actions may affect the company’s ability to successfully implement its strategies and achieve its objectives.

Non-Financial Reporting (NFR)

To render public this corporate and social commitment, LANZI S.r.l. has implemented a reporting process of non-financial information for the preparation of the voluntary Non-Financial Reporting (NFR) – also known as the Sustainability Report.

The Non-Financial Reporting (NFR) will be prepared for the reporting period related to the financial year 2022 and will comply with the reporting Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, which allow LANZI S.r.l. to uniquely and uniformly measure the impact of its ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) aspects and to make it public in a format that is also understandable to non-experts in the sector.

LANZI S.r.l. Non-Financial Reporting (NFR) will also be prepared with a view to meet the requirements of the Delegated Regulation (EU) 2021/2178, which supplements Regulation (EU) 2020/852 (Environmental Taxonomy). This will make it possible for LANZI to compare its economic activities with the eco-sustainable ones listed in the Delegated Regulation and therefore identify potential eco-sustainable investments and apply for the related loans.

To receive more information and updates on the developments of the business activities undertaken towards Corporate Sustainability and the preparation of the Non-Financial Reporting (NFR), please write to