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Lean Management and Circular Economy

Lean Management and specialised technical solutions for occupational safety, both through the development of innovative PPE and automated distribution, collection and management of auxiliary materials, all meet different circularity criteria. Constant attention is paid to the application of circular logics for the supply chain of the products and for the extension of their useful life.

The history

Since 1978, we have specialised in the production of products for the worker health and safety. In 1990, the test laboratory within the Research and Development department was founded, subsequently approved by one of the most prestigious European certification bodies (CTC in Lyon) and dedicated to R&D for means of protecting the upper limbs (Safety Systems Hand Protection) and workwear.

As of 2003, the Company started developing vending machines, adapting the OEM ones to distribute Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). To prevent waste and the unnecessary issuance of unsanctioned materials, all collections and returns are authorised by identifying the worker via their badge.

Safety Systems Industrial Vending

Following the 2008 financial and industrial crisis, companies accelerated the adoption of Lean Management to reduce material waste and streamline operational procedures. The automated storage of indirect materials has provided the answer to this need through round-the-clock product traceability and availability. Hence, after a decade of experience in automated distribution and considering the growing demand in the sector, in 2015 we launched the new Safety Systems Industrial Vending division.

An innovative range of automatic warehouses have been designed and manufactured for storing, distributing and returning PPE, spare parts and tools. The range is capable of optimising logistics procedures with software that can handle a wide variety of reports that are easily reconfigurable according to customer needs. The specialised technical solutions offered, both with the development of innovative PPE and with automated distribution, meet various circularity criteria.

The company is committed to the application of circular logics for the supply chain of the products and for the extension of their useful life. The first aspect can be seen in the attention paid to using recycled raw materials in the production process and thanks to investments in Research and Development of technologies designed to reduce the consumption of scarce and environmentally-critical natural resources. The second comes through the innovative Industry 4.0 solutions for automated distribution/collection developed by the company to guarantee a longer service life for the range of products (such as work gloves), thanks to the collection and regeneration processes that can be traced with the technology laboratory’s equipment.

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