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MATE-XT: the exoskeleton for those who work in difficult conditions

In the modern business world and, particularly, in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, despite the growth of automation and robotics solutions, many activities are still carried out manually. Comau’s new MATE-XT for the specific needs of those who work in difficult conditions in industrial, non-industrial and outdoor environments.

Planned breaks are not enough: a proper exoskeleton is needed

Among the most burdensome manual operations, we find those that require repeated lifting of the arms above the head or keeping the arms raised for long periods. These operations are common in the agricultural sector (fruit harvesting), in the maintenance of green areas (pruning), in construction (various assembly and decorations) and in the industry (painting, work with power tools, cleaning).

The risk associated with these operations is manifold: the risk of fatigue in the arms and shoulders and an incorrect posture for the operator, in the long term, can lead to an occupational disease and a risk of loss of productivity and precision, especially at the end of a work shift.

In addition to observing the scheduled breaks, a solution to these problems can be provided by the use of a specific exoskeleton to relieve the user’s shoulder movements.

MATE-XT from Comau

Comau’s MATE-XT perfectly meets the specific needs of those who work in difficult conditions in industrial, non-industrial and outdoor environments. Featuring a slim, lightweight carbon fibre construction and intuitive adjustment system, with a water, dust, UV and high-temperature resistant design, it can quickly adapt to any body size. MATE-XT is also highly breathable, thanks to the use of a high-performance fabric developed for conducting outdoor activities.

MATE-XT has an EAWS (Ergonomic Assessment Work-Sheet) certification, which certifies the ability to reduce biomechanical loads during the execution of demanding activities. In addition to this, it improves the quality of work and the well-being of the worker in a constant, efficient and highly ergonomic way. This makes it possible for companies to calculate the return on investment (ROI) starting from measurable ergonomic performance.

The best performing solution on the market

Lanzi Safety Distribution has identified COMAU’s MATE-XT exoskeleton as the best performing solution on the market. MATE-XT is the only exoskeleton to fully reproduce the physiological movement of the user’s shoulder. It is entirely mechanical, with no need for battery recharging and requires very simple routine maintenance.

In addition to this, MATE-XT is scientifically certified as an efficient equipment to reduce biomechanical risks and it adapts to the human body with minimal or no protrusions for greater safety and protection.

For more information on Comau’s MATE-XT, or to request a free trial of the exoskeleton, write to or fill in the form at the bottom of the page specifying the request.