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BLS NARVALO Active Shield: maximum protection without feeling like you’re wearing a mask

A winning match

NARVALO was born at the Politecnico di Milano School of Design drafting tables in 2018. Later, through years of research and work, it evolved into what it is today: a young start-up, a spin-off from the Politecnico di Milano.

BLS entered the game as a well-established industrial company with the aim of collaborating in the actual implementation of the product, as an expert in the manufacture of personal respiratory protection equipment for more than 50 years.

Active Shield Technology

The result of this innovative technology is a high quality product that is breathable and has a new take on comfort. In fact, Active Shield is an IoT valve compatible with the BLS Zer0 32 Active filtering respirator, designed to take the world of work to new levels of protection and comfort.

With Active Shield, the feeling of freshness is unparalleled as it reduces moisture inside the mask and extracts CO2 produced during breathing, maintaining freshness during use.

This technology prolongs COMFORT over time for a number of reasons:

  • even in the case of high outside temperatures, the temperature inside the mask is maintained;
  • because the user feels less fatigue after using the device, improving continuity between shifts;
  • because it increases concentration during working hours, which also reduces accidents.
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How does this new valve work?

Active Shield, located at the front of the mask, is able to constantly optimize the internal airflow by reducing the accumulation of heat, moisture and, above all, CO2, thanks to the presence of SENSORS that can collect data on the wearer’s respiratory performance.

This intelligent fan automatically adjusts to the user’s breathing pattern using data processed by sensors.

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Beyond comfort: safety and durability

The Active Shield electronic valve not only provides greater comfort, but also improves user safety: in very hot environments, users sometimes tend to use the wrong PPE or wear the mask incorrectly (e.g. only over the mouth) to reduce the humidity and temperature inside the mask.

Thanks to Active Shield, the user no longer has to choose between comfort and safety: it is possible to use an FFP3 device such as the BLS Zer0 32 Active model with full seal and adjustable elastic straps that ensure a perfect seal and at the same time the feeling of NOT wearing a mask.

In addition, the reduction of moisture within the filtering respirator itself due to Active Shield’s air extraction, coupled with the fact that the user does not have to manipulate or move the respirator, helps to extend the life of the device.

Watch the BLS NARVALO Active Shield video

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Lanzi Group and BLS

Lanzi Safety Distribution, a division of the Lanzi Group, is the distributor of BLS products and has always been committed to offering innovative and technological solutions to its end users. Our sales and marketing team enthusiastically embraced the launch of Active Shield and immediately began offering it with excellent feedback from user organizations.

Our experience with the Quantitative Fit Test has shown us how effective the Active Shield is by drawing air from inside the filtering respirator, further improving the result when the valve is active.

In addition, the Lanzi Group, through its Safety Systems Industrial Vending Division, can ensure effective management of the Active Shield electronic valves for end users, with tracked distribution, return and replenishment easily accessible to workers.

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