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LANZI Gr… een!

These days, green management and the green economy are two fundamental variables for companies seeking to satisfy the needs of the present without compromising the possibilities of future generations.e.

Recycling, bioplastic, eco-flasks – this is how we turn green

A good Environmental Policy, which we were the first to adopt, makes it possible to monitor all stages of the production chain – from the raw materials, manufacturing, use in the field to disposal at the end of its life cycle – favouring the application of eco-compatible materials and technologies. The selection, certification and monitoring of partners are key components to bear in mind at all times, not only in terms of control but also for co-designing and co-manufacturing.

In order to aim towards sustainability, we must not only encourage green practices but also implement them ourselves. The first step is setting targets, small changes that make a big difference. In 2018, we abandoned plastic bottles in favour of eco-friendly water bottles and drinking fountains. In accordance with our Environmental Policy, we are preparing to switch over to solar energy, with the installation of solar panels that will allow us to become self-sufficient and even greener.

Ok We Compost, the packaging is green

2020 starts with 1,500 fewer kilograms of plastic. The Safety Systems Hand Protection division has waved goodbye to polyethylene and is testing new 100%-compostable packaging. With a focus on the circular economy and in line with the European directives on packaging and waste management, the need for a transition to ecological circularity has long been called for.

The first 220,000 packages of the new green experiment for the Seedling Compostable brand have been certified EN 1342, the standard defining the characteristics of a compostable material and ensuring its biodegradation in industrial composting plants.

Automated recycling and disposal unit

One of its greatest strengths of Safety Systems Industrial Vending – the division dedicated to the production of automated PPE distribution, collection and management systems – lies precisely in reducing waste. Smart logistics mean optimisation and greater sustainability. With these solutions, employers can monitor the amount of PPE more efficiently whilst eliminating waste resulting from the removal of unassigned or excess materials.

Not only automation but also recycling. An intelligent material collection unit has been included amongst the Industrial Vending solutions. The unit authorises the restitution of used PPE to be stored for disposal or possible recycling. The regenerative process, consisting of a specific washing of the PPE, restores new life to the protective item, allowing subsequent use and lengthening the life cycle of the product.


International Mother Earth Day

Established on 22nd April 1970 to emphasise the need to conserve the Earth’s natural resources. From a university movement, Earth Day has gone on to become an educational and informative event. Environmental groups use it as an opportunity to assess the problems of the planet – air, water and soil pollution, the destruction of ecosystems, the thousands of plant and animal species going extinct, and the depletion of non-renewable resources. Solutions are called for to eliminate the negative effects of human activities, including recycling materials, conserving natural resources such as fossil fuels and gas, banning the use of harmful chemicals, halting the destruction of key habitats such as wetlands and protecting endangered species.